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Mobile Marketing Ideas

Do you have a mobile marketing plan or is mobile marketing one of those ‘fad’ ideas you’ve heard about but not got around to?

In the last year Apple’s iPhone has doubled it’s market share from 13 to 28%? Almost 60% of mobile phone usage involves social networking and a further 15% involves search and downloads. So if your digital marketing strategy includes social media or offering downloadable materials then not including mobile in your marketing strategy will seriously hinder its effectiveness.

Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

  • with 60% of mobile phone use being on social networks this provides a great platform on which to advertise your products. Check out the social platforms demographics to ensure you are reaching your ideal prospect base
  • If you are advertising test how it will look on different phones (Android and iPhone) just as you would when building and testing a new website on different browsers
  • Keep your content concise, use eye-catching headlines and get your call to action in early as mobile usage can often be on the move and between activities so getting your prospect to take early action is key to success
  • Take into account the size of mobile keypads by making sure your prospect has to take the minimum number of clicks to reach your content and if filling out their details is required then keep the fields to a minimum, name and email address is sufficient unless your plan involves a follow-up call
  • Give away free materials. Free e-books, white papers etc are sought after and ‘free’ is definitely what’s expected by today’s web savvy customers
  • Make sure any maps you post are mobile friendly and include click to call phone numbers for ease of contact
  • Mobile phone marketing enjoys the benefit of knowing where your prospects are at any onetime so location-based marketing is an effective option. Services such as Foursquare can be used to offer targeted discounts/offers to prospects within a geographic location
  • Ensure you let users give feedback to help you tweak your campaigns/content and make sure you listen to and action their comments. This will build loyalty

The growth in mobile phone usage makes it a must to incorporate mobile marketing as part of your overall marketing plan. For more information and help with your mobile marketing efforts contact us on 01342 844385.


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Tips on writing compelling content

If location, location, location are the 3 things to consider in the property world then content, content, content has to be its equivalent in the digital marketing world. So there you have it, off you go and write some content, couldn’t be easier? But hang on a minute why would somebody read your content over the 000’s of similar pieces of content that exist or are being published on the same subject? What would make you read it? Or put it another way what would make you not read it?

Too often content is written how a schoolboy approaches the answer to his GCSE English paper, write as much as you possibly can about the subject matter and hopefully the examiner will find the answer to his question!

Now what did the teacher tell you about exam technique? Answer the question, keep it short and make it interesting. Oh and keep it neat but as we use type in the digital marketing world, we can ignore that, just remember to use spell-check!

So find out what people are searching for, what questions are being asked in forums, what is topical in Twitter, news sites etc and write about it. Keep it short, 300-400 words are easily digestible in today’s busy lives. Make it interesting …… you’ll need to think a little harder on this one. How do you capture someone’s attention, keep it and more importantly get them to take action, whether its clicking a link, downloading an e-book or just sharing it on their social networks?

Here are a few tips to help you write compelling effective content:

  • Be engaging – write it like you’re having a conversation, use humour (when appropriate), get the reader to connect with you
  • Keep it short and simple – that way you manage the reader’s expectations on how long they will need to engage.
  • Include active speech – “see why our fans come back time and again”, “join our growing fan base for the best deals …etc”
  • Promote positive emotion – use words like increase, success, achieve and deliver etc.
  • Promote curiosity – use words and phrases like secret, exposed, want to know why etc
  • Use deadlines and words that trigger action – like simple, urgent or limited time deal to encourage people to act quickly
  • Explain “why” – what are the benefits e.g. save money or time, increase revenues, receive a limited copy etc

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